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Human Appeal to Deliver One Million Hot Meals to Vulnerable Gaza

Cooking the meals

Cooking the meals

Mission Viejo, CA, (March 25, 2024) - Global humanitarian aid organization, Human Appeal, has announced a ‘One Million Hot Meals for Gaza’ initiative that kicked off to coincide with the month of Ramadan in March. Aimed at supporting the nutritional needs of families in Gaza, Human Appeal is supplying hot meals and food parcels at this critical time for Gaza’s population.

Human Appeal is committed to delivering 1 million hot meals and 20,000 food parcels during this unprecedented humanitarian emergency. This effort not only provides essential nourishment but also helps avert the mass famine that is looming. Human Appeal has also promised to match every donated food parcel, effectively doubling the impact of each donation.

"Human Appeal's 1 million hot meals campaign will run for as long as possible and is a call to action for those who wish to make a positive difference to curtail hunger in Gaza,” said Owais Khan, Deputy CEO of Human Appeal.

Important progress has already been made, with Human Appeal successfully reaching vulnerable civilians in Northern Gaza where the food shortage is worse and aid work is even more perilous. So far, the organization has distributed 73,673 hot meals and 3,631 food parcels across the Gaza Strip, including 9,704 meals specifically delivered in the Northern region. These efforts are providing much-needed relief and comfort to mostly displaced families.

Feed Gaza now by donating to our 1 million hot meals campaigns.

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