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Orphan Sponsorship

Orphan Sponsorship


Orphan Sponsorship

“I and the one who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like these two” – and he gestured with his forefinger and middle finger, holding them close together. (Bukhari)

As we rise each morning, another 5,700 children will wake up newly orphaned. No child should be left to feel this fear alone. Right now, there are 6,432 orphans registered with Human Appeal, urgently awaiting a caring sponsor. Become a sponsor today and be a mercy to a child of the Ummah, continuing the legacy of our Messenger (PBUH).

A prophetic Sunnah

In his lifetime, the Messenger – himself an orphan - cared for orphans and promised closeness to him in Jannah for those who did the same. It's a recognition of how beautiful an act it is to care for the most vulnerable in our Ummah – a child who has lost the people who care for him.

When a child is orphaned and has nobody to care for them, they're exposed to hunger, disease, exploitation, and extreme cycles of poverty that they need help to break out of.

Your sponsorship is a mercy to a child, helping them to break that cycle and give them the opportunity that all children deserve – a chance to be healthy, protected, and educated. Importantly, sponsorship also ensures they get to stay in school, so that they don't have to work to support themselves and their families.

Entrust your sponsorship to our 30+ years of experience in caring for orphaned children. Be a mercy to an orphaned child, and each month you support a child, you'll receive blessings too. $50 per month helps to cover the cost of:

• Providing food

• Ensuring shelter

• Providing clothes

• Offering healthcare

• Supplying school supplies

You can also give your sponsorship in a one-off annual payment of $600 if you prefer - that's just $1.65 per day or $11.55 per week. And it's Zakat-applicable too!

Currently, our sponsors are helping over 22,000 orphans across nine countries, but we have thousands more who are registered with us and waiting for someone to sponsor them.

Become a sponsor and help give a child a safer today and a brighter tomorrow.

Change a life

When you sponsor an orphan, you'll give a child the opportunity that all children deserve – a chance to be healthy, protected, and educated.

We also provide training to their mothers or caregivers about protection, helping to safeguard them from common risks and dangers.

Orphan sponsorship is all on your terms – you can choose to sponsor a certain child or sponsor someone based on their age or location. Or, you can leave it to our Orphan and Child Welfare team to select the child in most urgent need of sponsorship. It takes just a few minutes to register and to begin to change a child's life.

Give mercy today.

Why sponsor through Human Appeal?

We've been helping supporters to sponsor orphans for 30 years. Currently, our supporters are sponsoring over 22,000 orphans across nine countries. It's Zakat-applicable, allowing you to follow the legacy of the Prophet (PBUH) while fulfilling your duty of Zakat.

We've witnessed how one sponsorship can change a whole future, and we've developed a program that puts the child's needs first.

Safeguarding education and empowering orphans

We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and providing orphans with a brighter future. When you sponsor an orphan through our program, you are ensuring that they remain in school, safeguarding their right to education and equipping them with the necessary tools to support themselves as they grow into young adults. By investing in their education, you are empowering them to thrive and succeed.

Protection, safeguarding, and accountability

At our organization, the protection, dignity, and safety of the children we support are our top priorities. We have implemented rigorous checks, measures, and policies to ensure that every child we work with is protected from harm. Our staff members undergo thorough vetting and receive specialized training in child protection. Additionally, we have dedicated child protection coordinators who ensure the strict adherence to our comprehensive Child Protection Policy. Any complaints or concerns are reported and escalated to ensure swift action.

Entrust your precious charity to us and change a young life

When you sponsor an orphan through our organization, you are making a beautiful Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous charity). Your support provides not only safety, knowledge, and health to an orphan but also benefits them for the rest of their lives. By entrusting your charity to us, you can be confident that your contributions are making a significant and lasting impact on the lives of these deserving children. And with your kindness, you will receive abundant blessings from Allah.

By sponsoring an orphan, you are honoring the legacy of the Messenger (peace be upon him) and embodying the compassionate spirit of Islam. Together, let us be a mercy to these children and provide them with hope, opportunity, and a chance for a brighter tomorrow.

Take the first step today and sponsor an orphan. Together, let's make a difference.