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Palestine Orphan & Children Fund

Palestine Orphan & Children Fund

Palestine Orphan & Children Fund

"He who does not show mercy towards children, no mercy would be shown to him." - Sahih Muslim

Support the children of Palestine and honor the memory of Reem:

$50 pm/$600 pa - Sponsor a Palestinian Child: Sponsor one of the 1,500 children waiting for support.

‘Soul of My Soul’ - In Memory of Reem

Reem, a little girl in Gaza, touched hearts globally. Remember the precious children of Palestine, all the soul of our souls. Coinciding with Reem's day of birth, we launch a dedicated campaign for orphans and children, named after her grandfather's farewell words.

Most dangerous place on Earth

Over 20,000 Palestinians lost their lives, half being children. Gaza, deemed the most dangerous place on earth for a child, urgently needs humanitarian aid.

Remember the children of Palestine

Please remember the thousands of innocent children who are now with Reem in Jannah.

Thousands of children who continue to suffer in Gaza’s brutal conflict.

They urgently need relief and humanitarian aid.

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