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New Human Appeal study reveals the heart of volunteering in the United States

USA volunteers after volunteering at a local pantry

USA volunteers after volunteering at a local pantry

Human Appeal USA, a leading international non-profit NGO, released a paper entitled 'Volunteering and Charity - The Backbone of American Communities.' Its findings unveil the essence of volunteerism in the United States, offering valuable insights into the motivations, impact, and behaviors that characterize American volunteering.

The survey reveals that American volunteers exemplify the essence of good neighbors: over 55% of volunteers are driven by the desire to "help others and have a positive impact", while 56% cite "helping their community" as their primary motivation.

Local engagement is at the heart of American volunteerism: 62% of volunteers dedicate their time to their local towns, with 38% focusing on their home state. The paper also emphasizes that volunteering extends beyond traditional charitable work: over 28% of respondents support healthcare initiatives, playing a vital role in improving US healthcare access.

On average, American volunteers invest 62.7 hours per year, valued at $1,869.09 per volunteer. While regional differences in volunteering frequencies occur, commitment remains unwavering.

The paper highlights personal benefits to volunteering - including a greater sense of community (57%) and forming new friendships (52%). An overwhelming 93% are likely to recommend volunteering to others.

However, rising living costs have affected one third of volunteers, limiting their involvement due to additional costs such as travel and other expenses. In response, the paper explores how organizations can highlight the non-monetary benefits of volunteering to maintain charitable engagement.

'Volunteering and Charity - The Backbone of American Communities' emphasizes the vital role played by volunteers in shaping and strengthening communities. As organizations face increasing challenges, Human Appeal USA’s new study recognizes and celebrates the significance of volunteering as it remains emblematic of the spirit of America itself.

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