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Sheltering hope amidst destruction

As the fragile ceasefire fails in Gaza the United Nations are becoming concerned that more people might now die from the cold and disease than the bombardment. The UN have discussed what could be an 'epic humanitarian catastrophe' and how it is essential 'that the world does not look away'. At Human Appeal we certainly won't be looking away. This week has seen the delivery of two aid initiatives that directly help to address these UN concerns.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him provide shelter for his neighbor."

It is estimated that there are 100,000 people displaced by the destruction and they have nowhere to shelter with their homes destroyed and instructions to travel south. This week we have started erecting tents in the 29 UN sheltered schools where people have taken refuge. The tents are centred around a central iron frame and their strong materials make them both fireproof and waterproof. They can give secure shelter for between 5-10 people and are already sheltering families in the schools. We are the first, and only charity, that are supplying and erecting these tents and we are continuing to build more, with your ongoing help. Please keep supporting us so we can deliver more tents to more people in more safe places.

Child being tended to in Human Appeal's mobile clinic

Child being tended to in Human Appeal's mobile clinic

“Treat your sick ones with Sadaqah. Sadaqah repels all illnesses and calamities.”

Healthcare heroes in action

Disease is the other deadly concern. Amidst all the challenges, the stark reality is that 26 out of 35 hospitals are now non-operational and 87 ambulances have been damaged. With your support and generous donations we have launched an emergency mobile clinic in a shelter school in Rafah. This clinic is a vital lifeline that provides essential services to hundreds of victims, young and old. In times like this, health provision is both difficult and dangerous but our dedicated team stands united, delivering care to those affected by the conflict, from routine checks to specialised treatments.

Gaza ceasefire sadly expires

We are focussed and intent on making use of the time we have to provide more shelter and more healthcare for the people of Gaza. Please help us to continue our work on the ground, to not look away and to support the people of Gaza in their desperate need. Our brothers and sisters need you now more than ever.

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