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Human Appeal condemns tragic loss of life in charity attack

The dangers facing aid workers and other international development charity staff are more prevalent than ever, and today the sector mourns the tragic loss of Mehmet Arif Kidiman, a Turkish Red Crescent worker who has been killed in northern Syria.

Another member of staff was injured when their vehicle was caught in a crossfire between the towns of Al-Rai and Al-bab. We pray for their swift recovery.

 As we sadly know at Human Appeal, it is heartbreaking when someone trying to improve the lives of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable loses their own in their line of work. Attacks on charity workers by hostile aggressors are among the most despicable acts in any conflict, and we urge the international community to condemn this senseless killing.

 Dr Mohamed Ashmawey, Human Appeal CEO said:

“I am both heartbroken and disgusted at the loss of Mehmet Arif Kidman. Charity workers are there to relieve the suffering of the most disadvantaged and oppressed people in the world, and for them to be injured or killed just for doing their job is unconscionable.

“Human Appeal stands shoulder to shoulder with Turkish Red Crescent in condemning those who carried out this attack, and I pray that those responsible are brought to justice.

“Any attack against organisations that are supposed to be granted immunity, even in a state of war, shows a blatant disregard for human life. We must strive for a world where this never happens again.”

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