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World Food Day 2019

World Food Day is one of the most celebrated days of the UN calendar and a wake-up call for us all to help end food insecurity.

Why is World Food Day important?

First launched in 1945, World Food Day was created to acknowledge the launch of the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation and is observed every year around 16th October to celebrate the furtherance of food security all over the world, especially in times of crisis.

What is the theme for World Food Day 2019?

The theme for World Food Day 2019 is “Our Actions Are Our Future. Healthy Diets for A #ZeroHunger World.” Its objective is to pay attention to food security, hunger, unemployment, environmental degradation and climate change.

World food crisis – the facts

Over 820 million people are suffering from hunger around the world. Nearly 151 million children under five were still stunted in 2017, and Asia accounted for nearly two thirds, 63 percent, of the world’s hungry in 2017. However, the UN believes that if every country cooperates with each other in the field of agriculture and tackling hunger, food insecurity can be eliminated.

World Food Day and Human Appeal

At Human Appeal we are committed to tackling hunger and helping improve food security in disaster, conflict and poverty-affected communities through three main objectives: inclusive and sustainable agriculture, strengthened resilience among people and systems, and improved nutritional levels, especially among women and children.

We helped 368,645 people this year

This year alone, thanks to your support, our zero hunger solutions helped 368,645 people, including 3,701 people in Bangladesh, 4,185 people in Iraq, 3,000 people in Jordan, 7,160 people in Kenya, 3,514 people in Lebanon, 19,557 people in Myanmar, 14,541 people in Niger, 41,898 people in Palestine, 53,309 people in Somalia, 109,568 people in Syria and 4,290 people in Yemen.

Tackling hunger in Pakistan

World Food Day 2019 is also an excellent time to tell you about a fantastic food security and livelihood project that Human Appeal has just completed in District Tharparkar, Pakistan.

Thanks to the support of our awesome donors, thousands of people in six rural communities have been provided with safe drinking water, while the poorest and most marginalised community members, including 120 widows, now have improved access to livelihood opportunities.

Over 14,879 people have benefited from this project in total, with thousands now enjoying diverse healthy, and nutritious food thanks to the establishment of our sustainable kitchen gardens and training.

Together we can ensure #ZeroHunger by 2030

Thank you to everyone who supported our zero hunger solutions over the past year – we could not have achieved all this without you.

It’s up to every one of us to do our bit to help achieve the UN’s goal of #ZeroHunger by 2030. To find out more about our sustainable development and livelihood projects, please click here.

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