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Pair of Milking Goats

Pair of Milking Goats


Pair of Milking Goats

Pair of Milking Goats

“Whoever relieves the hardship of a believer in this world, Allah will relieve his hardship on the Day of Resurrection.” (Muslim)

Provide a sustainable source of income to a vulnerable Pakistani. A pair of goats provides a family with protein-rich milk and the opportunity to sell excess milk to generate an income for the family.

$450 – Provide a vulnerable person with a pair of milking goats.

43 per cent of people in Pakistan don’t have reliable access to enough food, and many struggle to support their families.

It can be especially tough for women, particularly when they find themselves unexpectedly becoming the breadwinner for their children. Women and girls experience poverty more acutely than boys and men, have lower literacy rates, and face more social barriers when they enter the workforce.

But when you donate to this project, you’ll support some of the most vulnerable families, such as those headed by women, widows, older people, and those without a means to support themselves.

Your donation will help a family of 5-7 people to have a sustainable source of nutrition and income. We’ll also provide each farmer with livestock management training so that they are able to effectively manage and benefit from a growing herd.

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