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Yemen Medical Fund

Yemen Medical Fund

 Yemen Medical Fund

Lifesaving healthcare in Yemen

The Messenger (PBUH) said: “And to walk with a brother to meet his needs is dearer to me than observing i‘tikaaf in this mosque – meaning the mosque of Madinah – for a month.” (Al Tabaraani)

14 million Yemenis urgently need healthcare, while clinics and hospitals are chronically overstretched and unable to treat all those who need help, forcing doctors to pick which lives must be saved. With your help, we can provide treatment to 5,000 Yemenis across five clinics. Your donation can save a life.

$35– Provide medical treatment to 1 person in Taiz

$140 – Provide 4 people with life-saving medical support and supplies in six healthcare facilities in Taiz, including a critical children’s cancer center.

The bombs spare nobody

For almost seven years, residents of Taiz, Yemen, have endured brutal conflict. It was one of the worst-hit regions in Yemen, with families losing their homes, belongings, livelihoods and security in the war. But each year, the crisis deepened, and today they face starvation, cholera, dirty water, and COVID-19, all while the conflict continues.

The perfect storm of crises has made it all but impossible for most people to access healthcare, while demand for treatment is at an all-time high; a staggering 19.7 million Yemenis need health assistance, and 14 million urgently need healthcare.

Half of Yemen’s health facilities have been affected by the war, with only 50% fully functioning. In 2020, there were 163 attacks on health facilities, including on cancer treatment centers.

A vision for the future

It especially difficult to fight cancer and disease in Yemen, where communities are struggling simply to survive each day, let alone seek treatment for disease.

Help us to provide chemotherapy to 600 children in Sana’a, as well as essential healthcare at 4 other clinics, including treatment for cholera, diphtheria, and COVID-19.

In all, your support in these coming weeks will help 5,000 people to have critical, life-saving healthcare.

Our work in Yemen

Human Appeal has been changing lives through our projects in Yemen since 2014.

We’ve helped over 900,000 people during the course of the conflict, primarily through health projects and emergency food aid to tackle malnutrition. Last year, you helped us to support 290,506 people through projects combating malnutrition, cholera, COVID-19 and water shortages. You supported 23,240 people through Feed the Fasting, helped 41,923 people through health and medical projects, and supported 126,000 people through water and cholera protection projects.

Your charity could truly save lives in Yemen by providing critical healthcare. Let’s walk with our brothers and sisters to meet their needs in these blessed days, and transform the blessings of our hereafter, inshallah.

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