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Al Imaan Hospital Fund

Al Imaan Hospital Fund

Al Imaan Hospital Fund

“The believers are like one body in their mutual love and affection: if one limb is injured, the rest responds with sleeplessness and fever.” (Hadith Muslim)

$50 – Give a mother and baby life-saving medical care at Al Imaan Hospital.

$100 - Save 6 mothers or babies.

$20 – Provide two Syrians with medical treatment at one of our two primary healthcare centres.

This year, a staggering 15.3 million people in Syria urgently need health assistance, including 2.2 million children. The 2023 earthquakes, as well as soaring prices have left displaced Syrians unable to meet their most basic needs.

Support Al Imaan Hospital and help its doctors to continue providing free, lifesaving medical treatment displaced mothers and babies in Idlib, as well as injured, sick, and malnourished people in northern Syria.

Our hospital supports 8,000 people per month – 6,000 of them directly in the hospital, and 2,000 more through its associated mobile clinics. We’re urgently appealing for help to keep Al Imaan open for the next three months, as our funds run extremely low, putting the health of the tens of thousands of people who depend on the hospital at risk.

Even before the devastating earthquakes last year, healthcare facilities in northern Syria were already in freefall. Half of Syria’s health facilities were destroyed or damaged in the conflict; the earthquakes, combined with the cost of essential items rising by more than 70% have pushed Syria’s healthcare system to the brink.

Al Imaan’s associated mobile clinic and health center provide critical support to vulnerable people in their own communities. This enables us to treat routine medical cases on-site, without patients needing to travel to our hospital, which is then freer to treat more urgent medical cases, such as complicated pregnancies, neonatal care, malnutrition, and disease. Al Imaan Hospital is a critical lifeline for tens of thousands of people.

Help us to preserve this critical lifeline by donating to Al Imaan Hospital.

Help us to save lives

Every month, Al Imaan provides:

6,000 people with treatment

2,000 people with support through its associated mobile clinic and primary healthcare centers.

• Ambulances to transport those who need to be admitted but can’t afford to get to the hospital.

We’ve supported around 366,000 people at the hospital and clinics in the last 6 years.

Treating the causes of hunger

Hospitals continue to struggle across Syria, with only half of all health facilities fully functioning, but often unaffordable. This forces already vulnerable people to choose between urgent healthcare that they need and providing food for their families.

We work to fight hunger in the immediate moment – by providing food parcels to people who struggle to feed their families, but we also work to fight the causes of hunger. In Syria, we’re providing healthcare through Al Imaan Hospital and its connected clinics, but your donations are also providing dialysis, long-term homes for displaced families, olive trees to farmers, fresh bread deliveries, as well as heating and warm clothing throughout winter.

All donations to Al Imaan Hospital are Zakat-applicable, and you can calculate what you owe with our easy-to-use Zakat calculator.

Why give through Human Appeal?

For 32 years, Human Appeal has been giving mercy to the world’s most vulnerable, and we’ve been working in Syria since 2013. Last year alone, thanks to generous supporters like you, we helped 4.3 million people in 27 countries, including over 1 million Syrians.

Our projects are run by local staff, our hospital is manned by local doctors and nurses, all working together to improve the lives of the most vulnerable, and the future of their country. When you entrust your charity to us, it’s supported by over 30 years’ experience, and specialists in protection, child safety, and emergency response.

If you want to change lives in Syria, with meaningful, impactful projects run by capable, caring hands, entrust Human Appeal Syria with your charity.

Help us to provide essential medical care in Syria and save lives.

Human Appeal is committed to providing aid in the country or program that you select. In the event we complete the program, exceed the required funds, or are denied access to a particular country for reasons beyond our control, Human Appeal reserves the right to reallocate your donation to another program where it is needed most.