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Pakistan Emergency Fund

Pakistan Emergency Fund

Pakistan Emergency

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: "If anyone relieves a Muslim believer from one of the hardships of this worldly life, Allah will relieve him of one of the hardships of the Day of Resurrection." (Source - Muslim)

Immediate life-sustaining aid

$55 – Supplies a family with essential hygiene and household items to protect against disease, including anti – bacterial handwashing soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, nail cutters, hair combs, towels, tarpaulin sheets, plastic mats, buckets and water bottles.

$65 Emergency Mobile Health Clinic delivering emergency medical aid to 20 people.

$70– Provides a hot nutritious meal, served daily to 20 flood affected people.

$95 – Supplies a family with a household package containing food, 3 mosquito nets, and one dignity kit to support menstrual hygiene for women and girls.

$145 – Supplies water filters for 10 people with clean water for up to 50 days

Transitional aid

$300 Tent with Emergency Survival Kit for 1 family.

$430 – Provides 15 families with a water filter system for 17.5L of clean water per day per family

$650 – Provides 200 people with access to Primary Medical Care at the emergency mobile health clinic

Long-term help through Sadaqah Jariyah

After flood waters recede, recovery begins with home construction, infrastructure projects, and long-term care for orphans. Help flood-affected survivors build their future and help establish an honorable legacy with these Sadaqah Jariyah projects that provide long-term aid:

$4,200 / $350 per month - 2 Bedroom house with a washroom and kitchen for 1 family in Pakistan. Personalised plaque and feedback report upon completion.

Flood-affected regions across 7 provinces in Pakistan have suffered monumental losses: more than one million homes, hundreds of thousands of livestock, thousands of kilometers of roadway, and hundreds of bridges. Worst affected has been Sindh, followed by Balochistan.

An extraordinary monsoon season caused urban flooding, flash floods, and glacial lake outburst inundating Pakistan with four to six times more rainfall than normal. One-third of the country remains underwater. Tens of millions of vulnerable people are surviving the devastation and loss in their communities while facing injury, disease, hunger, homelessness, and psychological distress.

Now, as we stand side-by-side with Pakistan in its complex transition from flood response to recovery, there is much that we can do together from providing immediate aid, to developing interim solutions, to crafting long-term assistance.

With your generous support, we have already reached 70,000 flood-affected survivors in the hardest hit areas in Pakistan to help relieve their immediate needs. You can be a part of our efforts as we expand vital assistance to reach even more families with even more support:

• Daily hot meals to feed hungry families and provide them with clean water

• Food parcels to feed a family for two weeks

• Household items to provide essential comfort

• Hygiene kits to protect against illness and disease

• Dignity kits to ensure women and girls can safely manage their menstrual health

• Water filters and water filtration systems so that individuals and entire communities can safely and easily access clean drinking water and prevent disease

• Emergency mobile health clinic to provide medical services to flood survivors

• Brick home construction to provide families with stable and secure shelter where they can receive additional recovery support

As an official response and recovery partner in Pakistan, we have been among the first on the ground and we remain at the forefront of projects and programming there. We proudly stand behind our relief efforts that no other charity is providing, like our emergency mobile health clinic---the only charity offering health services in remote areas where malaria, dengue fever, and water-borne diseases are a top health concern. When you donate to our Pakistan Floods Appeal, you make it possible for survivors to receive complete care and assistance.

Right now, we are raising £10 million from both private and corporate donors to reach as many vulnerable people as possible. You can be a part of this massive endeavor with any donation you can comfortably make.

Why give with Human Appeal

We’ve been changing lives in Pakistan for 16 years. We will never abandon people in need in times of crisis and in times of recovery. As Pakistan’s official response and recovery partner, you can be sure you’re helping communities achieve long-term success and resiliency through new skills, livelihoods, and vital infrastructure.

Please support the people of Pakistan.