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Mother and her baby

We urgently need your help to keep our Al Imaan Hospital operational. As the only hospital of its kind in Idlib, there is nowhere else for vulnerable Syrians to go for vital healthcare. Please don’t forget the people of Syria. Support our hospital today.

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Save Al Imaan Hospital

“Whoever saves the life of one, it is as if he saved the whole of mankind” (Qur’an 5:32)

$70 – Provide a mother and baby with life-saving medical care at Al Imaan hospital.

$210 - Al Imaan Hospital - save 6 mothers or babies.

$35 - Save a baby with life-saving medical care at Al Imaan hospital.

We need your help right now so Al Imaan Hospital can keep providing 6,000 vulnerable Syrians with vital healthcare every month.

Before the earthquakes healthcare settings in northern Syria were already struggling to support the 14.6 million people urgently needing medical care. With hospitals destroyed and damaged by heavy bombing and now three devasting earthquakes, combined with the cost of essential items rising beyond 70%, Syria’s healthcare system is simply unable to cope.

Al Imaan hospital in Idlib is a lifeline to families in need of treatment.

The hospital and its associated health centres and mobile clinics specialise in providing care for mothers and babies, as well as providing local treatment for injuries and diseases, and treating sick children.

Why it’s crucial we keep our hospital open

  • 6,000 receive treatment every month
  • 2,000 get support through our mobile clinic and primary healthcare centres
  • 173,902 people supported at the hospital in the last 4 years

Families in northern Syria have been broken by 12 years of brutal conflict, and the trauma of displacement, extreme poverty, and hunger. Syria’s most vulnerable should not be abandoned and denied their basic human right to healthcare. When the dust of the earthquakes settle we must never turn our backs on families in desperate need.

Why your support is urgently needed

In northwestern Syria, the earthquake came on top of existing emergencies. Years of war, a dire economic situation, the COVID-19 pandemic, and—most recently—an outbreak of cholera and other water borne diseases had already plunged the region into a humanitarian crisis and pushed medical facilities to the brink.

Houses and buildings have been destroyed throughout the region, leaving thousands of people homeless. Those who lost their homes are now stranded outside in cold temperatures, and many are sleeping in their cars due to the fear of further aftershocks that have continued since the earthquake happened.

There are now even more displaced people in a region where 2.8 million—out of a total population of 4 million—were already displaced. The huge consequences of this disaster requires large scale international aid, including lifesaving medical care as soon as possible.

Save Al Imaan hospital before it’s too late.

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Our work in Syria

You’ve helped us to support over 10 million people in Syria since our work began in 2013. In 2022, you helped us to support a total of 1,214,180 people in Syria through our healthcare, food security, and emergency projects in Syria. Throughout the last three year's, you helped us to support 173,902 people through Al Imaan Hospital.

But your support is still critical in keeping Al Imaan open. Displaced and sick Syrians, mothers and their newborn babies immediately need your help to continue to access urgent healthcare.

Some of my colleagues have lost family or homes, but they continue their work in the hospital which still stands despite the damage it sustained, including walls that have crumbled, cabinets and other fixtures that have toppled to the ground, and the equipment and medicine in disarray. Their work is twofold: restoring the hospital to safety and order while providing any treatment they can to the sick and injured following the catastrophe.

Dr Nihat Kashoor, a doctor at Al Imaan hospital

“Whoever saves one life – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.”

Qur’an, 5:32

Please save our hospital

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