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Save Al Imaan Hospital

Al Imaan Hospital is the only hospital offering free healthcare in its area in Idlib. This Ramadan, we urgently need your help to keep hospital open and supporting 6,000 people every month.

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Al Imaan Hospital - save 6 mothers or babies.

Save Al Imaan Hospital

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “The best charity is that given in Ramadan” (Al-Tirmidhi)

Save a life this Ramadan. Provide medical treatment at Al Imaan Hospital, and allow mothers and babies living in camps in northern Syria to receive free medical treatment.

Give mercy Ramadan, and reap the multiplied blessings of the holy month.

$40 – Provide two Syrians with medical treatment at one of our two primary healthcare centres.

$75 – Give a mother or baby life-saving medical care at Al Imaan Hospital.

$150 - Save a mother and her baby.

Al Imaan Hospital provides free, lifesaving medical treatment to injured and sick displaced people, as well as mothers and babies in the most populous area for displaced people in northern Syria

Each month Al Imaan Hospital treats 6,000 vulnerable Syrians for free, but we are appealing for vital funds for the next three months, to keep our hospital caring for people in the immediate.

We also run a connected mobile clinic and a health centre, providing essential care to people within their own community. Al Imaan Hospital is a critical lifeline. Without it, tens of thousands will go without healthcare.

Acts of charity performed in Ramadan are rewarded multiple times over. In this month of mercy, help us to continue saving lives, and reap the blessings of the holy month.

Treating hunger and its causes

Hospitals continue to struggle across Syria, with only half of all health facilities fully functioning, but often unaffordable, forcing Syrians to choose between urgent healthcare and providing food for their families. This Ramadan, we’re working to fight hunger in the immediate – by providing nutritious food parcels to last a family the entire month of Ramadan – but we’re also working to fight the causes of hunger through long-term projects that help people to become self-reliant. In Syria, we’re providing healthcare through Al Imaan Hospital long-term homes for displaced families, olive trees to farmers, fresh bread deliveries, as well as heating and warm clothing throughout winter.

Give your Zakat to Al Imaan Hospital

Our Al Imaan Hospital project is Zakat-applicable, and you can calculate what you owe with our easy-to-use Zakat calculator. Fulfil your Zakat obligation in Ramadan and reap the multiplied reward for obligatory deeds in the holy month.

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Mercy for Ghufran

The impact of your mercy


people treated every month

2,000 people

supported through its mobile clinic and healthcare centres.


people supported at the hospital and clinics in the last 6 years.

Why give to Human Appeal?

For 32 years, Human Appeal has been giving mercy to the world’s most vulnerable. Last year alone, thanks to generous supporters like you, we helped 4.3 million people in 27 countries, including over 1 million Syrians.

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “whoever discharges an obligatory deed in (this month) shall receive the reward of performing seventy obligations at any other time.

Ibn Khuzaymah

Be a mercy. Help save our hospital.

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Human Appeal is committed to providing aid in the country or program that you select. In the event we complete the program, exceed the required funds, or are denied access to a particular country for reasons beyond our control, Human Appeal reserves the right to reallocate your donation to another program where it is needed most.