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What is Jannah & why should we strive this Ramadan to reach it.

Imagine being on a journey through a treacherous land, something like the Amazon rainforest. Imagine being blindfolded as you walk through the forest. Imagine every trip, every cut, and every wound you encounter is ignored because you failed to take off your blindfolds. Imagine the luscious plants, the beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and the birds of different colours all missed because you failed to take off your blindfolds. Had you removed the blindfold you would have known that every hardship and every ease was teaching you something about the nature of this world and giving us the chance to recalibrate ourselves. All of this would make sense if you are paying attention. In this example, we are reminded to turn the face of our heart back to Allah, and in doing so we are reminded that this journey we are on, in this Dunya, is a temporary one.

Had we reflected upon the wounds we encountered we would find in them a reminder about the nature of pain. Had we reflected upon the beauty of this world we would have realised that the beauty of those experiences is ever fleeting. This should take our attention to a deeper abode. Our purpose for being in this world and ultimately the temporal nature of these experiences. This is the example of this world. We are all here because we need to build ourselves for a place that is everlasting. Both examples offer us glimpses of this world but that is all they will ever be. Glimpses. In the end, when our souls leave our bodies, and we are raised on the Day of Judgement, we will see the reality of what our actions led us to. A life in two very different abodes, but now experienced in permanence. Jahannam or Jannah. Hellfire or Paradise.

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