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Support charities this Random Acts of Kindness Day, says Human Appeal

Leading not-for-profit organization calls for increased public support amid sector-wide decline in donations and voluntary workers.

● Americans gave 1.7% of their incomes to charity in 2022, the lowest level since 1995.

● 47% of Americans say their charitable giving will be affected by inflation over the holidays, a recent WalletHub survey found.

● Human Appeal’s 2023 whitepaper revealed one third (33%) of all volunteers have had to cut back on their charitable time.

Mission Viejo, CA, 7 February 2024 – Human Appeal, a leading non-profit, encourages the public to support their local charity this Random Acts of Kindness Day (17th February) to increase awareness of the challenges faced by charities amid the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

In 2022, a Giving USA report revealed that Americans gave 1.7% of their incomes to charity, representing the lowest level since 1995. Equally, 47% of Americans revealed their charitable giving would be affected by inflation in advance of the holiday season. Human Appeal’s own whitepaper revealed that one third of all volunteers have had to cut back on their charitable time to prioritize paid work.

In response to these alarming figures, Human Appeal calls for increased public engagement and support for charities on Random Acts of Kindness Day, to address challenges facing the third sector and remind the public of the vital role played by organizations of all sizes.

Owais Khan, Deputy CEO at Human Appeal, comments: “It’s clear the non-profit sector is facing numerous headwinds. These are difficult times for so many, which make random acts of kindness all the more important to remind ourselves of the power of community. This is why we’re calling on the public to embrace the positive ethos of Random Acts of Kindness Day by lending a helping hand to charities. These organizations are essential lifelines, supporting the most vulnerable communities at home and abroad.”

By extending an invitation to actively participate in Random Acts of Kindness Day, Human Appeal is highlighting the opportunity to make a tangible impact, supporting charities by fostering positivity and community action through individual action. Whether it's donating a coat, sponsoring a meal, or volunteering time, each act of kindness significantly contributes to sustaining charities during these challenging times.

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