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Water Well Legacy: Honoring the Tradition of Uthman (RA)

Embrace the spirit of giving. One meaningful donation can provide a multitude of blessings for both the donor and the community. By contributing to a water well, you're not only offering a sustainable source of water to remote areas but also building a lasting legacy in the heart of America's Muslim community as our network of supporters stands together to benefit the ummah.

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Elevate a Village

Did you know that every day, millions of women and children spend countless hours fetching water? This time could be better spent pursuing education, economic opportunities, and community growth. By sponsoring a water well, you're granting an entire community of 105 individuals the gift of time and health—enabling them to drink, cook, wash, and farm more efficiently.

Your Donation's Impact:

With $1,125, you can establish a deep water well in a drought-affected community in Pakistan, uplifting a village of 105 souls.

Similarly, a $1,125 contribution can bring lifechanging water access to a vulnerable community in Bangladesh, benefiting 105 residents.

Today, an alarming 2.2 billion individuals lack consistent access to clean drinking water. We believe no one should endure poverty due to the fundamental need for water. Each year, hundreds of thousands perish from consuming contaminated water. Be the change agent for the Ummah. With every droplet that nurtures life—be it human, animal, or plant—you'll accumulate blessings that last a lifetime.

Your Lasting Tribute

The Prophet (PBUH) recognized the act of providing water as the pinnacle of charity. Such a charitable act, known as Sadaqah Jariyah, ensures that you continue to receive blessings for years to come. In gratitude, we'll commemorate your generosity with a plaque on the well and furnish you with a detailed report of its establishment.

Heartfelt Dedication

Gift a well in honor of someone dear, and let their name be a blessing that quenches the thirst of many. Each life-giving drop from your well will carry the legacy of your loved one, etched on a plaque for generations to witness. This Sadaqah Jariyah, a ceaseless charity in Islamic tradition, is a profound act of love, transcending the boundaries of life. As water sustains life, your tribute immortalizes the spirit of those you cherish. Join in this sacred tradition, and let the water tell a tale of enduring love and boundless generosity.

Charity - A Pillar of Faith

Giving, regardless of the amount, is a testament to our faith. By practicing this pillar of Islam, you're directly impacting the lives of those facing adversity worldwide. Envision a legacy where your well becomes a beacon of hope, allowing countless individuals to thrive, nourish their land, and prosper. Pooling resources with loved ones can amplify this legacy, allowing collective blessings to flourish.

A Plea for Mercy

No soul should be compelled to compromise on clean water. Take the initiative today to craft a legacy of kindness. Each well donation not only impacts countless lives but also resonates with the cherished values of the Sahaba.

Choose Human Appeal

Why join hands with Human Appeal? Our approach is rooted in understanding and adapting to the unique needs of each community we serve. In 2022 alone, we've been instrumental in providing 1.1 million individuals with clean water and sanitation solutions. From installing 693 deep water wells to pioneering advanced water projects like aquaponic farms and a desalination plant in Gaza, our impact resonates. Become a part of this transformative journey. Pledge your support today and immerse in the blessings of Sadaqah Jariyah.

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Everything you need to know about your well

  • How long will it take to build my well? Why?

    It usually takes around 3 months for us to build your well, and a further 3.5 months for you to receive your report. It takes this long to ensure that the well we install is in the best location for maximum impact and to source clean water.

    Throughout the process, we supervise installation, and we then test the water quality at certified labs to make sure it’s clean and safe.

    Only once this is complete, we install your plaque, take final photos, and write up a report which is checked, edited, and sent to you, the donor.

  • How long does a well usually last?

    A well lasts a minimum of five years, but its lifetime depends on the quality and consistency of maintenance. Our wells have the capacity to last well beyond five years providing the source water hasn’t depleted and the well is properly maintained.

    Even if a well lasts only five years – that means it costs less than 50p per day to provide water to a whole community!

  • How will I know when my well has been completed?

    We’ll send you a completion report, informing you that your well has been installed and is now providing clean, safe water to a whole community.

  • What is included in the completion report for my well?

    You’ll receive a full report that tells you where we installed it, what the situation was in the community, and how many people will benefit. We’ll also send you photos of the well, and of the plaque we’ve installed in your name or the name of your loved one.

  • How does Human Appeal select a location for the well?

    Our selection is based on the need of the local community, and how far they currently have to travel to fetch clean water. For the exact position of the well, we hire a water expert to help us find sustainable water sources deep in the earth, that are far from any potential contamination – such as latrines – so that your well provides water year after year.

    When choosing a location, we focus on communities in which a minimum of five families would benefit, though, on average, around 70 people benefit from one well.

  • Who safeguards and maintains the well after it has been built?

    Every time we install a well, we also train a water well committee in the local community. This means that those who benefit from the clean water also have the skills to maintain the well, ensuring that there’s always people nearby to make sure it’s used and preserved properly.

  • Can a well be donated as Sadaqa Jariyah (ongoing charity)?

    Yes! Since its benefits continue year upon year, donating a water well is a Sadaqah Jariyah, that provides the giver with ongoing rewards, even after they’re gone.

  • Why should I donate my well with Human Appeal?

    We’ve been installing water wells for 30 years. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all mentality, our experienced teams work with the local community and water experts to agree on what type of water solution works best. For example, where there is plenty of water, but it is unclean, we install filtration systems or water plants, where there is drought, we source groundwater and install a deep water well.

    If you want your donation to have a lasting, transformative impact on a whole community, then entrust your water well to our experience and expertise.

“Every prophet has a companion in paradise,” said the Prophet (PBUH) “My companion there is Uthman.

Start a legacy. Build a water well.

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Human Appeal is committed to providing aid in the country or program that you select. In the event we complete the program, exceed the required funds, or are denied access to a particular country for reasons beyond our control, Human Appeal reserves the right to reallocate your donation to another program where it is needed most.