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Soul of My Soul - Support the children of Palestine

19,000 Palestinian children have been orphaned and are in urgent need of care and protection. Let a precious Palestinian child be the soul of your soul through the mercy of sponsorship.

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$50 pm/$600 pa -Sponsor a Palestinian child.

Reem, a little Palestinian girl with pigtails, was tragically killed in an airstrike just before she reached her fourth birthday, which was also her grandfather’s birthday. When grandfather Khaled gave his granddaughter a last heartbreaking last embrace, it touched the hearts of millions around the world.

In Gaza, this unthinkable situation is happening repeatedly. Since October 7th, over 13,000 children have lost their lives. An average of 10 children a day lose a limb due to catastrophic injuries and 19,000 children have been orphaned or have no adult left to care for them.

With much of the Gaza Strip in ruins, the children of Palestine are enduring famine-like conditions. Over 28 children have died of malnutrition or dehydration-related complications, and 1 in 3 children under the age of 2 are acutely malnourished.

This is your chance to take a Palestinian child into your heart and soul through the lifechanging care and protection of orphan sponsorship.

A beautiful Sunnah

Prophet Muhammed was himself an orphan who grew up to care for orphans. He promised those who followed this Sunnah a special place in Jannah. It’s just one example of the wonderful community of Islam - supporting the most vulnerable within our ummah.

Right now, taking care of a child in Gaza goes beyond keeping the child alive. Over 850,000 children who fled their homes on foot since October 7th are suffering from the trauma of war and displacement. Caregivers who have struggled to keep children warm over winter now face the threat of summer heat. Every day, they must make a terrible decision: do they stand in line for bread for hours or do they protect their children.

The mercy of orphan sponsorship

By sponsoring a Palestinian orphan, you can provide care, protection and hope amid utter despair and devastation.

Either monthly or annually, your sponsorship provides a stipend to an orphan’s caregiver, helping to cover the cost of their food, shelter, water, healthcare, and other essential needs.

Twice a year you’ll receive a report telling you how the child you sponsor is doing, with updates on their health and education.

Please note visits to children in Gaza are currently on pause until we can revert from providing immediate life-saving aid to reporting on each child’s wellbeing. Please join us in praying for a lasting ceasefire so our normal procedures can resume, inshallah.

Honor Gaza’s lost children

Right now, there are two life-changing ways you can join us in honouring the lost children of Gaza while helping the orphans who have been left vulnerable and alone.

Join us in remembering the thousands of innocent children who are now with Reem in Jannah by calling for an absolute ceasefire and the immediate opening of borders.

Be a mercy to an orphaned child in Gaza. Take them into your heart and soul through the mercy of sponsorship and reap the multiplied rewards of this blessed Sunnah.

Sponsor a Palestinian child today.

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“He who does not show mercy (towards children), no mercy would be shown to him.”

Sahih Muslim

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