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Soul of My Soul - Support the children of Palestine

All the children of Palestine are the soul of our souls. Let them know they are precious, each one the soul of our souls. You can help the children of Palestine today by sponsoring orphan children or donating to our Gaza emergency appeal providing urgently needed food, water, hygiene, shelter, winter kits and medical supplies.

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Help the children of Palestine

“He who does not show mercy (towards children), no mercy would be shown to him.” Sahih Muslim

$50 pm/$600 pa -Sponsor a Palestinian child – right now 1,500 children are registered with us awaiting a sponsor.

$70 - My Soul Palestine children’s fund which supports projects that help children and their communities.

$100 Gaza Emergency Fund - Your $100 donation covers a range of essential items, including a hygiene kit, water supply, mobile clinic support, a nutritious food parcel, winter kits, and contributes to providing a waterproof and fire-resistant tent for a family.

‘Soul of my soul’

The heartbreaking story of Reem, the little girl in Gaza and her grandfather, touched the hearts of millions around the world. Sadly, Reem lost her life in a massive airstrike in the month prior to her day of birth that falls on the 23rd December. Reem also shared her day of birth with her beloved grandfather.

Reem is now with the children of Jannah but we want the world to remember that the precious children of Palestine are all the soul of our souls just like Reem was to her grandfather.

Coinciding with Reem's day of birth, we are launching a dedicated campaign for the orphans and children of Palestine. The campaign is named after the words Reem's grandfather uttered as he said his final farewell to her, "Soul of my soul".

Half of the population of Gaza are children and there are currently over 1,500 orphans that need your sponsorship, support and care. You can also help the children of Palestine by supporting our Soul of My Soul Palestine children's fund.

The most dangerous place on earth

Over 20,000 Palestinians have lost their lives since October 7th, over half being children. Thousands of children are injured, and thousands have become orphans. The UN says Gaza is by far the most dangerous place on earth to be a child.

A lack of food, water, shelter, and sanitation continues to put children’s lives at risk as they suffer under relentless airstrikes with no safe place to go. Now, it is expected that the number of child deaths from hunger and disease while surpass those from bombardment.

Remember the children of Palestine

Please remember the thousands of innocent children who are now with Reem in Jannah.

Thousands of children who continue to suffer in Gaza’s brutal conflict.

They urgently need relief and humanitarian aid.

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“He who does not show mercy (towards children), no mercy would be shown to him.”

Sahih Muslim

Donate to our Soul of My Soul Children of Palestine appeal today.

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