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Support the children of Palestine

"Soul of my soul"

In the heart of Palestine, a little girl named Reem painted smiles with her laughter. Today, we share her story and the stories of countless children, each a precious soul forever remembered in our hearts.

"He who does not show mercy (towards children), no mercy would be shown to him." - Sahih Muslim

"Soul of my soul" campaign creative

"Soul of my soul" campaign creative

Support the children of Palestine

Reem's laughter echoes in our hearts, silenced by an airstrike. Yet, her spirit lives on, a testament that every child in Palestine is the soul of our souls.

On Reem's birth date, join our campaign for Palestine's orphans and children. Named after her grandfather's touching words: "Soul of my soul."

Most dangerous place on earth

Gaza remains perilous—over 20,000 lives lost, with half being children. The UN calls it the most dangerous place for a child.

Thousands are now with Reem in Jannah, yet thousands endure Gaza's brutal conflict. They crave relief and humanitarian aid.

Your generosity fuels our Soul of My Soul Children of Palestine appeal. Let's join hands in preserving their innocence and rebuilding their dreams.

Donate now and be the living legacy of hope for these precious children facing their darkest days.

In memory of Reem, donate to our Children of Palestine Appeal.

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