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Human Appeal: Closure of cross border access to Syria is not an option

Humanitarian NGO Human Appeal calls on decision makers to consider the human cost of closing Northwest Syria’s aid corridor with the outside world.

The threat to humanitarian aid comes in the form of a possible non-renewal of the UN Security Council cross-border mandate for the most vital humanitarian crossing to the Northwest.

The Northwest of Syria has a population of 4.5 million people of which 2.9 million are internally displaced people living under extremely harsh conditions. 91% of the whole population is in need of humanitarian assistance that is being provided through the Bab-al Hawa crossing. Non-renewal of the UNSC resolution will have unrepairable damage to current humanitarian efforts and further isolate the vulnerable in the region, where suffering already increased due to the devastating February earthquake.

Human Appeal insists decision makers consider these aspects to protect millions of Syrians from complete despair and extend the cross-border resolution by at least 12 months.

About Human Appeal USA:

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Al Zohoor, Human Appeal's town in Syria

Al Zohoor, Human Appeal's town in Syria

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