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Muslim Charity Distributes 5,000 Items of Winter Clothing To Homeless and Vulnerable People in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow

Muslim Charity Distributes 5,000 Items of Winter Clothing To Homeless and Vulnerable People in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow

Human Appeal, a Muslim-faith based charity based in Greater Manchester, have announced that they have distributed 5,252 items of winter clothing to homeless and vulnerable people across Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow as part of their Wrap Up 2018 campaign. Human Appeal have asked members of the public across the three cities to donate unwanted coats for vulnerable people, such as rough sleepers and people living in shelters, and have collected a record breaking total. This is the third year that Human Appeal has run Wrap Up Manchester and the second year it has run Wrap Up Glasgow and Wrap Up Birmingham.

The campaign is done in partnership with flexible volunteering focused charity Hands On London, who have been running Wrap Up London for eight years this year and are, at the time of writing, still sorting their coats collected in London. The campaigns were supported by Safestore, Collect Plus and Network Rail who provided venues and methods across the three cities for people to donate unwanted coats.

The campaign ran from the November 12 until November 23. Now Human Appeal have sorted the coats and are distributed them to homeless shelters and other centres. From there people who need the coats go and collect them from professionals who can also provide advice and services to help beneficiaries. 2,767 items of clothing were collected and distributed in Manchester, 800 items were collected and distributed in Birmingham and 1,685 were collected and distributed in Glasgow.

Samra Said, the UK Domestic Programmes Manager for Human Appeal, says:

“We are touched that so many people across these three great cities have responded with such generosity and kindness this winter. These items of winter clothing won’t just warm a heart but they could change a life. Human Appeal are working with our partners to distribute these coats, gloves, hats and jumpers on these bitterly cold nights and hoping we can help them with advice whilst we distribute the items. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow who has donated to Human Appeal’s Wrap Up 2018 campaigns.” 

Jon Meech, CEO of Hands On London, says:

“2018 is the third year that Human Appeal has joined in Partnership with HandsOn London and have delivered the most heartwarming campaigns in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. The generosity of people in these cities has been truly amazing. Everybody who has donated a coat or given their time as volunteers have helped change the lives of thousands of the most vulnerable people in these cities.”

Notes to Editors

Human Appeal (www.humanappeal.org.uk) is one of the UK’s leading Muslim faith-based charities. With a presence in 25 countries, spanning Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, we help in times of crisis and we deliver sustainable development programmes in the world’s poorest nations.   

Samra Said and other Human Appeal representatives are available for, please email [email protected] or call Charles Lawley on 07535 415 060 for more details. 

For images of Wrap Up 2018 please find click on this gallery https://media.humanappeal.net/?c=1503&k=a202a32a95 

Total collected

Wrap Up Manchester

Coats and jackets: 1,763
Other winter clothing (e.g. jumpers, sleeping bags, hats, gloves): 502
Total amount of items distributed: 2,767 

Wrap Up Birmingham

Coats and jackets: 636
Other winter clothing: 164
Total items distributed: 800

Wrap Up Glasgow

Coats and jackets: 1,388
Other winter clothing: 297
Total items distributed: 1,685

Total of coats and jackets in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow: 3,787

Total winter clothing items distributed in the three cities: 5,252

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