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Now even more human

We’re excited to announce our new brand identity. We also want to reassure you that, although we look a bit different, we’re still the same Human Appeal.

Why we’ve changed our look

Human Appeal began 25 years ago as just a few students in Manchester - now our charity spans the world. We needed to develop a truly global identity that reflects this and to ensure that, no matter which country you see us in, you’ll recognise us.

For all of humanity

We also wanted to present ourselves to the world more accurately as the human-centred charity we’ve always been.

For over 25 years, we’ve been united by our simple human instinct to help others, regardless of creed or colour. Our new brand identity tells the world that we are here for all of humanity, not just part of it. It also represents our vision to become the global agent of change for a just, caring and sustainable world. 

For the next 25 years 

Although we are proud of our achievements over the years, we have much work to do. We are facing the worst humanitarian disaster of our time, with some 65.6 million people forcibly displaced in 2016 alone, and nearly half the world’s population living in dire poverty on less than $2.50 dollars a day.

To successfully tackle the next quarter of a century and beyond, we must be more effective. This means recruiting more donors. More staff. More volunteers. It means forging more partnerships. It means more innovation and more investment.  It means reacting more immediately and more incisively to emergencies. It means delivering more long-term, positive outcomes in more communities. But to do more, and to be more, we must be noticed more.

Our new look is part of a much bigger picture - to do more. Our new identity will enable us to have a bigger impact on the lives of vulnerable people around the world. 

We have come a long way over the past quarter of a century and we’re extremely proud of our work so far. Here is a snapshot of our achievements in 2017:

Last year, we helped 4,176,436 people in 20 countries

  • We established a world-class operation in Iraq during the Mosul crisis, delivering $30 million of aid to 750,000 people and were invited onto the UN’s Humanitarian Country Team, leading on Iraq’s humanitarian strategy.
  • We distributed 8,000 tonnes of flour to bakeries producing bread, reaching 1,664,000 people across Idleb, Hama and Aleppo in Syria. In total, we reached 2,082,370 people with our food assistance and food security projects.
  • During Yemen’s cholera crisis, we supported hospitals in Al Hudaydah and Al Dhale’e, allowing them to treat 24,800 people. We also provided 10 incubators for premature babies at the Al-Sabeen Hospital in Sana’a, helping them to treat 700 babies.  
  • We provided emergency assistance to 77,601 Rohingya in Myanmar, as well as 61,250 Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh.
  • Our 2016 Wrap Up Manchester campaign won an award for the best domestic programme in February 2017. We also wrapped up Glasgow and Birmingham, collecting coats for over 24,000 people.

Our partnerships saved and changed lives 

  • We became the main shelter & NFI (Non-Food Items) distributing partner of UNHCR in Iraq, helping 216,000 people.
  • We were largest food assistance charity in Mosul with the funding support of the WFP (World Food Programme), helping 360,000 people.
  • We worked with WHO (World Medical Organisation) in Yemen to deliver emergency cholera response, reaching the value of $960,000.
  • We delivered projects funded by UNICEF in Syria to provide education to nearly 36,000 children in camps. We also delivered healthcare and nutrition projects in Aleppo and Idlib to nearly 23,000 people.
  • We aimed to minimise the negative effects of winter on camps in northern Idlib, Syria, through a camp management project funded by UN OCHA worth over $450,000 assisting over 7,100 people.
  • We supported 600 children with education in an orphanage in Sanaa, Yemen.

We may look different, but we are still the same Human Appeal

We are still the same global humanitarian and development organisation saving lives, alleviating poverty, transforming and empowering local communities, whilst championing humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence.

And we want you to know that none of this would have been possible without you – our precious donors and supporters. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope you will join us on the next 25 years of our journey.

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