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International Day of Happiness: Human Appeal’s work bringing joy to communities around the world

The UN’s International Day of Happiness is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the importance of happiness in people’s lives around the world.

As a humanitarian organisation, Human Appeal is committed to ending poverty, eradicating inequality, and bringing happiness to vulnerable families who have experienced unimaginable pain and suffering due to conflict or natural disasters.

We believe that every life matters. That’s why, with the help of our wonderful donors, we are lifting people out of poverty and helping communities to become self-sufficient in 25 countries worldwide. Our children’s projects enable little ones to have the start in life they deserve, free to laugh, learn and play in safety.

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Helping young people in Palestine find happiness

Abdulrahman’s family were living in squalid conditions in the Al-Nuseirat Camp, Palestine. After the Israeli borders closed, Abdulrahman’s father was left without a job because he used to work inside Israel.

The family’s situation quickly became precarious. Abdulrahman’s father found a new job as a driver for a local taxi office, but he is the only breadwinner for the family of nine. They had no other source of income and barely enough money to pay household bills. Abdulrahman desperately wanted to become a teacher, but his parents simply didn’t have the income to support him into higher education.

However, thanks to the generosity of our donors, Abdulrahman was able to start university in autumn 2017 with all his tuition fees paid! Abdulrahman can now follow his dreams and access the education he needs to fulfil his potential

Bringing happiness to families in Bangladesh 

Mukta is 22 and from Sathkira, Bangladesh. She lost her father when she was just 8 months old and her mother struggled for years to keep the family together, believing that Mukta would never have an education.

Thanks to Human Appeal’s amazing donors, Mukta is now in her third year at college and has everything she needs to thrive. Our staff have provided Mukta with books, stationary and clothes, and her family now has livestock to rely on. Mukta plans to become a teacher when she graduates and has already started tutoring local children. Thanks to Human Appeal, Mukta can give back to her community and bring happiness to others.

Bring joy to the needy on this International Day of Happiness 

On International Day of Happiness, let’s continue to spread joy by supporting those who need it most. By donating to our children’s projects, you can ensure that vulnerable little ones have nutritious food to eat, clean water to drink and the chance to go to school.

For just £60, you can provide a child with the books, clothes and stationary they need to attend school and receive the precious gift of education.

Together, we are changing lives around the world.

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