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Statement from Human Appeal Chief Executive, Othman Moqbel, on Finsbury Park Mosque attack

"The situation is absolutely heart breaking. Once again Britain has been struck by another terrorist attack. This time it's the British Muslim community who have been targeted. All these attacks represent hatred in its extremist form. Like the attacks on London and Manchester over the past month, this is another attempt from individuals to divide communities, to turn people against each other and to spread death, distrust and hatred.


“Human Appeal were hosting a live appeal on the Islam channel last night, minutes before the attack the chairman of Finsbury Mosque contacted us to tell us that their congregation has raised £3,500 for the victims of Grenfell. The people at Finsbury Park Mosque are very generous and are always give so much for needy people. Now they are the people in need.


"It's more important than ever that all communities in Britain, those of all faiths and none, stay united and defiant from those who attempt to destroy our society. As the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr once said 'Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.' It's more important than ever that for every act of hate, we all respond with 100 acts of love."

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