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Human Appeal Preparing To Help 16,000 People Fleeing Violence In Aleppo

Human Appeal, a humanitarian aid charity based in Greater Manchester, have announced they are preparing to provide aid to the 16,000 people trying to escape the violence in Aleppo.

Human Appeal have a team set up in Azaz where between 8,000 to 16,000 people fleeing Aleppo are expected to arrive, from there Human Appeal will provide them with “Ready To Eat” packages (which contain staple foods such as rice, bread, lentils), “Non Food Item” packages (which contain tissues, soaps, towels and blankets) and also have a mobile kitchen set up which is able to produce 10,000 cooked meals a day, working around the clock.

Human Appeal, who have their headquarters in Cheadle, have launched a “Besieged Syrians” emergency appeal on their website – humanappeal.org.uk and are asking people to donate there.

Human Appeal have been in Syria since the conflict started in March 2011. As well as providing food, Human Appeal have also been providing schools and hospitals in Syria.

Human Appeal CEO Othman Moqbel has said of the escalating crises “The bombardment of Aleppo was non-targeted. Women, men, children were all being hit. They ran out of food and water. People who survived the bombardment were surprised they were alive. This is not a safe place for any living being to be. People are trying to leave and we are trying to help them.”

“We ask that everyone does what they can to help. We have great links on the ground in Syria so are able to get aid to where it is needed most in the hardest to reach places, organisations like the World Food Programme and other UN bodies use us to distribute their aid because our ability to do so is unmatched, but we ask – even if you don’t donate to Human Appeal, donate to any charity working in Aleppo that can help. This isn’t about us, this is about the people in Syria who are in an unimaginable state of desperation.”

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