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Human Appeal received senior UNICEF delegation

Human Appeal’s HQ in Manchester, England, recently hosted a visit by senior delegates from UNICEF to discuss current and future collaboration internationally.

Human Appeal’s CEO, Dr. Mohamed Ashmawey, Deputy CEO, Owais Khan and Human Appeal board members received the visiting delegation.

The UNICEF delegation consisted of UNICEF Pakistan country representative Mr. Abdullah A. Fadil, Laura Su - Program Manager, Pakistan and representatives from UNICEF UK team including Stephanie Moran - Director of Philanthropy, Anna McLeod - Philanthropy Manager, Shaheda Dewan - Strategic Partnership Advisor, UNICEF ROSA and Jehangir Malik (OBE) - Philanthropy Advisor.

The visit came as part of enhanced cooperation between the two entities and to promote joint efforts in addressing the urgent needs of vulnerable children and communities in Pakistan in particular. Pakistan was recently hit by devastating flooding on a massive scale in 2022, the impact of which still endures.

The meeting began with a warm welcome, emphasizing the shared commitment to improving the lives of children and at-risk communities in the country. The two sides engaged in fruitful discussions, highlighting their respective areas of expertise and exploring potential areas for future collaboration. The meeting provided an opportunity to exchange knowledge, experiences, and best practices in delivering humanitarian assistance.

UNICEF Pakistan and Human Appeal expressed hope to continue their ongoing efforts in reaching remote and marginalized communities, ensuring access to vital services, and promoting sustainable development. Human Appeal’s strong grassroots presence and ability to mobilize resources to address the most pressing needs of children and families in that part of the World was also noted.

Both UNICEF Pakistan and Human Appeal expressed their commitment to work together to overcome the complex challenges facing Pakistan's most vulnerable. They recognized the importance of partnership in leveraging resources, expertise, and innovative solutions to achieve lasting impact. The visit is part of an ongoing commitment to a jointly shared goal to facilitate a brighter future for the children of Pakistan.

Human Appeal welcome senior UNICEF delegation

Human Appeal welcome senior UNICEF delegation

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