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Turkey and Syria Earthquake Appeal

Conditions are so bad in earthquake-devastated southern Turkey that many Syrian refugees are considering returning to Syria, hoping life will be better in their war-raved homeland. We must not turn away from Syrian families in urgent need. Please help support Syrian refugees in Turkey to rebuild their lives.

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Don’t forget Syrian refugees

Prophet Muhammad said: “Those who are merciful will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Be merciful to those on the earth and the One above the heavens will have mercy upon you.” (Source - Al-Tirmidhi)

$20 – Hygiene Kit: Help a Syrian family preserve their dignity with a hygiene kit.

$25 – Emergency Family Blankets: Provide warm blankets to Syrian refugees in Turkey.

$100 - Hot Meals & Food Packs: Help provide 200 meals for Syrians affected by the earthquake in Turkey.

$520 - Survival Pack & Tent: Support 1 family (5 people) with an emergency survival pack and tent to stay warm and sheltered from the cold.

On Monday 6th February, two huge 7.8 and 7.5 magnitude earthquakes struck the regions of Southeast Turkey and Northwest Syria killing over 40,000 people and shattering the lives of millions. Now another 6.4 magnitude earthquake has struck, affecting areas where the humanitarian situation was already catastrophic. The 4 million Syrian refugees who fled the conflict in Syria are displaced, yet again. They are cold and hungry, with nowhere to go.

We must not abandon Syrians in Turkey

The catastrophic situation for Syrian families is unprecedented as the ongoing tremors continue to terrify those who are already traumatised. We must remember that displaced Syrian families in Turkey have been battered and weakened by 12 years of brutal conflict. Many were reliant upon humanitarian aid for survival. Following the earthquakes, we must not turn away from Syrian refugees who are without even the basics needed to survive and are at risk of freezing and starving to death.

Why give through Human Appeal

We’ve been relieving the hardships of people in Syria since its civil war began in 2011. We coordinate our efforts through official agencies in Turkey and with the UN, and work with partners like UNICEF and Kizilay (Turkish Red Crescent). When you give through Human Appeal, your charity will reach Syrian earthquake survivors in Turkey. We’ve had a strong presence in the region since 2015. Last year alone we supported over 21,000 Syrian refugees with food, shelter, and medical care, and we currently sponsor hundreds of orphans in Turkey.

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Thank you for supporting our Turkey & Syria Earthquake Appeals

Please support the earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria.

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