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Benefit from a perfect legacy of charity

The Jummah Club

Benefit from a perfect legacy of charity

Maximise your rewards by automating your charity every week at the best time on a Friday. Join the Jummah Club now.

Make a big difference every day

Make a big difference every day and join The Jummah Club

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, “The most beloved deeds to Allah are the most regular and constant ones even if they are little.” (Bukhari)

By joining the Jummah Club and automating your donations it ensures you will never miss giving charity on the most blessed day before the most blessed prayer of the week. So you can support the Ummah and elevate your blessings, becoming like a brother or sister to those most in need with your regular weekly donations, no matter how small.

The importance of regular giving

You can make a big difference with a weekly donation.

As a weekly Jummah Club giver you become a vital part of our charity, enabling to us to deliver more essential aid to more people, plan long term sustainable solutions and invest in bigger community projects. As a regular giver you’ll also help us to respond quickly when disaster strikes, supporting families who need us most.

Plus, the rewards of giving charity on Friday are heightened compared to any other day of the week. Just imagine the rewards of giving every Jummah day!

To start creating a perfect legacy of charity, join our Jummah Club today.

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Elevate Your Blessings Every Week!

Take a rewarding journey

Join our family of charitable automation tools with the Jummah Club. Elevate your blessings through consistent giving each week. Your efforts are rewarded by Allah's grace.

Empower lives every week

Our mission is to simplify giving while making a lasting impact. Become a part of this meaningful journey. Your weekly contribution not only increases your Jummah rewards but also transforms lives around the world.

Secure and seamless process

Joining the Jummah Club is effortless. Select your preferred fund, set your weekly amount (minimum £1 per week), and let your donations create a ripple of positive change.

How much would you like to give to each fund?

Support causes that matter to you

“The best day of the week the sun rises is Friday..." (Muslim)

Jummah is a day of immense blessings. By giving sadaqah on Jummah, you seize the opportunity to show gratitude and contribute to the welfare of others.

Gaza Emergency Fund

"And whoever saves a life it is as though he had saved the lives of all mankind" (5:32).

Thousands are suffering in Gaza. Help provide food, water, hygiene, and medicine for hospitals and ambulances.

Zakat Fund

“Whoever pays the zakat on his wealth will have its evil removed from him.” (Ibn Khuzaymah)

Give your Zakat every Friday, just before Jummah prayers, and receive blessings as you support those in need.

Sadaqah Fund

“The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.” (Source - Tirmidhi)

Make a difference every Friday by automating your Sadaqah contributions, spreading kindness and helping those less fortunate in the Ummah.

Orphans & Children Fund

The Prophet (PBUH), said, “Give each other gifts and you will love each other.”

The Messenger (PBUH) demonstrated mercy to children throughout his life; he liked to make children laugh, to play with them and to spread joy. Join our Jummah Club to give automatically every Friday, ensuring that orphans and vulnerable children receive the care and support they deserve.

Medical Fund

''Treat your sick people by giving charity.''

Make your money work harder for our brothers and sisters in Syria and Morocco by giving generously on Friday during Jummah prayers – witness your gift multiply tenfold.

With every $10 you contribute, we'll transform it into $100-worth of vital medical supplies, providing urgently needed support to displaced families in Syria and earthquake survivors in Morocco.

Food Fund

'The best of you are those who feed others' (Ahmad)

Support the Food Fund as you give every Friday before Jummah prayers, helping to alleviate hunger in our local and global communities.


“The most beloved actions to Allah are those done consistently, even if few.”
Sahih Al-Bukhaari

Never miss a chance to give sadaqah on Jummah. Your automated giving spreads hope and positivity week after week. Are you ready to create a perfect legacy of charity? If so, we look forward to welcoming you to the Jummah Club. Join the Jummah Club now.