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Human Appeal first began working in Iraq in 2015 and increased our efforts there in 2016 following the Mosul crisis. In Niwena governorate we are working with the United Nations World Food Programme to revitalise agriculture in the area and help heal the damage from years of conflict.

We provided 350 families in Mosul, Ninewa and Dohuk with cash transfers to help them purchase food, to prevent the effects of hunger and deprivation.

During Ramadan, we provided 300 families in Mosul with a hot meal for iftar.

We helped repair 46 greenhouses for the University of Mosul’s agricultural department, allowing students to grow food and gain skills and experience that will improve their livelihoods.

We’re working to support people in Iraq, through the following projects:

Agricultural support Human Appeal is helping to rebuild agriculture throughout Iraq and providing new training and opportunities for people to grow enough food to meet their needs.

Food aid In order to alleviate the effects of damaged agriculture and economic difficulties we provide food to families at risk of hunger and malnutrition.

Economic support To help families get on their feet after the instability of recent years, we provide cash grants.