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Saving lives, together with Melinda Heights Elementary School

Saving lives, together with Melinda Heights Elementary School
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A world without water

2.2 billion people around the world still don’t have access to water close to home. That’s 1 in 3 people.

Without clean water, people are denied access to opportunities that should be open to everyone, everywhere.

The global water crisis stops people from having an equal chance to be healthy, educated and financially secure.

Shouldn’t everyone get to have fresh, clean water? We think so, and a lot of other people think so too. And we’re all working together to make that happen for billions of people who need this all around the world.

Donate a Water Well $1,125 when you donate a well, you are giving communities a chance at a bright future, by making it possible for children to go to school, for parents to earn a living, and for women and girls to live safely and securely in their villages.

Since 1991 we’ve directly reached over 26 million people around the world.

But sadly there are still millions of people who face the dangers of drinking dirty water every day, and the impact of climate change is making things worse. But we are determined to keep working until everyone, everywhere has access to clean, safe water - a basic human right.

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The water crisis

Our water projects are saving lives

Our water projects are saving lives

1,196,259 million provided with clean water

Our water projects are saving lives

2,500 ​deep water wells​ supporting 275,000​ people.

Our water projects are saving lives

Flood response supporting 331,376​ people.

I hope organizations will provide clean water for refugee camps

Maryaam, aged 8​ suffering with kidney failure

Transforming Tharparkar

Before the installation of a solar water pump by Human Appeal, I used to fill water from a well which was far away from my house. I used to fill water two to three times a day and it used to take three to four hours to fill the water but after the installation of the solar power water pump it takes only a few minutes to fill the water as the solar water pump is near my house.

Premi, aged 11

Your mercy is transforming lives in Tharparkar

Kick start your school's water journey and inspire pupils to join the fight for clean water.

Find out more by downloading our interactive assembly presentation.

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I like water because it makes me strong.

Mohammed, aged 12

Give the gift of clean water.

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