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Transforming Basti Emaan Village

Basti Emaan Village

The recent floods in Pakistan have caused devastation.

Basti Emaan Village

During the 2010 floods, many villages, including Basti Emaan, were drowned in water and all the houses within the village were destroyed.

Basti Emaan Village

Human Appeal built 142 houses for the people of the village and the nearby villages too.

Basti Emaan Village

But we didn’t stop there, Human Appeal knew that a disaster – prone area like this village could get hit by floods again.

Basti Emaan Village

So, Human Appeal built a 5km long mud embankment alongside the route.

Basti Emaan Village

The houses built by Human Appeal almost 12 years ago stand firm today. Human Appeal, together with Experian are looking to rebuild another village destroyed by the deadly flooding with your help.

The water came and now everything is gone

Transforming lives for over 30 years

Over 30 years ago, two extraordinary students launched Human Appeal in a small flat with a simple mission to save and change lives. Today our work spans the globe. Last year alone, thanks to generous supporters like you, we helped over 4.4 million people in 19 countries. Today, faced with the ongoing devastation of conflicts in Yemen, Syria, Palestine, and Somalia and amidst the ongoing catastrophic effects of coronavirus, extreme poverty, and climate change, we remain steadfast in our mission to make a difference. Our Human Appeal family, including all our staff, volunteers, partners, suppliers, and supporters like you are custodians of the legacy of our founders.

Our impact so far

Over 70,000 people reached so far

Hot meals - 15,503 individuals

Hygiene kits - 7,625 households

Dignity kits – 100 households

Healthcare assistance - 442 individuals

Food parcels - 390 households

Be a mercy to a family in Pakistan, and give hope during their time of need.

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