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Syrian Refugee Bread Appeal

Syrian Refugee Bread Appeal

Syria Refugee Bread Appeal

Syrians are struggling to afford food, with costs soaring in the last four years. Last year alone, 4.5 million more people were plunged into hunger, and malnutrition is rising. Today, a staggering 12.1 million people in Syria are food insecure, and the cost of bread has shot up by 90%.

On average, a Syrian family spends 41% of their money on food, making it almost impossible to afford other necessities, such as water, fuel, electricity, healthcare and education.

$70 – Provide a vulnerable Syrian family with two kilograms of fresh bread every day for five months.

The Messenger (PBUH) said: “The dearest of deeds to Allah, may He be exalted, is joy that you bring to a Muslim, or relieving him of distress, or paying off debt for him, or dispelling his hunger.” (Al Tabaraani)

Approximately 6.8 million people are still displaced and a staggering 12.1 million Syrians need food assistance as their capacity to cope with hunger, displacement, and sickness has been pushed to the brink.

Spread mercy, provide food

Give your sadaqah in Syria and help us to fight hunger and malnutrition. When you give to this project, you’ll help us to provide 1,300 families – about 6,500 people with daily bread for five months.

Your charity will transform the daily life for a Syrian family who’ll no longer struggle for daily food, reducing their stress as well as their financial and emotional burdens.

Be a mercy to the most vulnerable, and reap Allah’s blessings in this month of mercy, and beyond.

All of our current projects in Syria are Zakat-applicable, and you can calculate what you owe with our easy-to-use Zakat calculator.

Why give through Human Appeal?

Human Appeal has been changing lives through our projects in Syria for many years.

Last year, we helped 3,843,270 people across 21 countries, including 1,214,180 people in Syria. In 2021, we supported 349,896 people through healthcare, nutrition, winter support, vaccinations, and projects fighting COVID-19.

Help us to feed a vulnerable family. Give mercy.