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Donate a Big Eid pack, and provide three gifts in Gaza this Eid

Big Eid Pack

As the crescent moon ushers in Eid al-Fitr, our hearts turn towards celebration, unity and the joy of giving. But what does celebration mean for a child in Gaza? This Eid, you have the power to redefine joy.

Share your Eid with families in Gaza with our big Eid pack

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “You will not believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.” (Hadith Muslim)

When you give $54, you will:

  • Fulfill your Zakat al-Fitr obligation, providing essential food in Gaza.
  • Enable a family to enjoy a complete Eid meal, with enough bread for 15 people.
  • Delight a child with an Eid present worth around $40, such as sweets, clothes, or toys.

What is a Big Eid pack?

Families in Gaza have never more urgently needed our support. And while we help them through food, medical care, clean water, it’s also important to share what we can of our Eid traditions too. That’s why we encourage our supporters to share a Big Eid Pack.

Our Big Eid Pack is a cost-effective way to care for Palestinians this Eid. By bundling different donations together, we’re able to streamline costs, and provide you with a one-time gift pack that helps you to maximize your impact and reward, and helps Palestinian people to mark Eid with familiar customs of celebration, easing their hardship.

The Impact of Your Big Eid Pack

As Muslims, we believe that it is mustahabb – encouraged and rewarded – to uphold ties, show kindness and eat and drink well at Eid. Never before has this kinship to our ummah in Gaza been more urgently needed.

With this Big Eid Pack, you’ll fulfill your Zakat al-Fitr duty for you (remember, Zakat al-Fitr is owed for every single member of your family – more on that here), providing food in Gaza. You’ll also provide enough bread for 15 people, helping to complete an Eid meal for a whole family. And you’ll gift a child an Eid present, worth around $40.

Give a Big Eid Pack in Gaza, and help displaced families in Palestine to share some of the celebrations of Eid with gifts, food, and bread.. Your generosity isn't just aid; it's a testament to the enduring spirit of our community, making Eid a reflection of our collective soul's warmth and kindness.

And let’s remember Eid is the whisper of shared blessings, a time when spiritual bonds are felt deeply, reminding us that giving is the essence of celebration. Your gesture turns into a beacon of light, guiding the way to moments that children in Gaza will treasure forever

It's time to transform our compassion into a celebration that reaches every corner, every heart, longing for joy. Share your Eid with the ummah in Gaza. Thank you.

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Share your Eid with families in Gaza with our Big Eid Pack.