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Empower a crisis-affected child for education today so they can build a brighter tomorrow by donating a Back to School Kit.

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244 million are out of school

Education is the key to empowering every child. However, in crisis-affected areas, children are forced out of school, hindering their ability to thrive.

In conflict zones, an estimated 25 million children are denied their right to education and left out of school. This is your opportunity to send a vulnerable child back to school with the essentials they need to learn, overcome adversity, build a brighter future, and break the cycle of crisis and poverty.

$75 Back to School Kit Yemen: Provide a child in Yemen with a school bag, uniform, erasers, pencils, notebooks, water bottle, sharpeners, and a geometry set.

$55 Back to School Kit Pakistan: Provide a child in Pakistan with a school bag, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, art books, counting blocks, a water bottle, lunchbox and transportation to and from school.

$23 Back to School Kit Somalia: Send a crisis-affected child in Somalia back to school with the essentials they need.

Children living in conflict and crisis areas face an uncertain future. Uprooted from their homes and schools, they grow up without the skills and knowledge they need to create a better life.

Out of school, children are vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, child labour, early forced marriage, and recruitment into armed groups. In school, children are safe from danger. They have a chance to overcome adversity and build a brighter future.

How a school kit can empower a child for education

By providing a Back to School Kit to a crisis-affected child, you are offering the essential items that parents or guardians cannot afford. This relieves a tremendous burden from caregivers and equips the child with essential school items like a school uniform, a school bag, and the tools they need to learn and progress.

Help us achieve our goal of sending over 5,000 children back to school in Yemen, Pakistan, and Syria with the tools they need to gain knowledge and succeed.

A beautiful Sadaqah Jariyah

Empowering a child for education is a Sadaqah Jariya that could change the course of a child's life forever.

This is your chance to empower a vulnerable child for education today. Donate a Back to School Kit and reap the ongoing reward.

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Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said: "Whoever takes a path upon which to obtain knowledge, Allah makes the path to Paradise easy for him."

This is your chance to empower a vulnerable child for education today. Donate a Back to School Kit and reap the ongoing reward.

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Human Appeal is committed to providing aid in the country or program that you select. In the event we complete the program, exceed the required funds, or are denied access to a particular country for reasons beyond our control, Human Appeal reserves the right to reallocate your donation to another program where it is needed most.