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AlMaghrib - Build your Legacy

Dhul Hijjah

AlMaghrib - Build your Legacy

Join AlMaghrib Institute in supporting Human Appeal USA's efforts in orphan sponsorship and water well construction during these blessed days. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

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Could provide clean water, sanitation and improved hygiene to 10 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, protecting them from disease, infection, and floods.

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The Water Crisis

Around the world, 2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water. Every year, 3.5 million people die from water-related illnesses, and 1 in 5 children are without clean drinking water.

The Impact of a Deep Water Well

$1,400 - Install a deep water well in a drought-hit community and transform a village of 105 people in Pakistan.

A deep water well does more than quench thirst; it lifts entire communities out of poverty. Women can care for their children, tend livestock, grow and sell produce, and stay clean and healthy. Children can attend school and work towards a brighter future.

Leave a Legacy of Mercy

Donating a deep water well is a blessed opportunity to leave a legacy of mercy for yourself or a loved one, reaping the ongoing blessings of Sadaqah Jariyah. When you donate a water well, an entire community gains access to water for drinking, cooking, washing, and farming. This transforms a village and bestows ongoing blessings upon you or your loved one.

Donate a Fountain of Blessings Together

Gather your friends, family, and colleagues to donate a deep water well and transform an entire village. Each time someone drinks from your well, grows a vegetable, or feeds an animal, you will be rewarded in this life and the hereafter.

Sponsor an Orphan with Human Appeal

$50 per month / $600 per year - It’s our duty to care for the children of the ummah. This Dhul Hijjah become a sponsor of a child who’s lost one or both of their parents and help to care for them with clothing, shelter, food, and school supplies.

When you sponsor an orphan with Human Appeal, you enable a child to go to school, eat well, and stay safe, warm, and healthy. This provides the foundation needed for a brighter future. Our sponsorship program offers a child the vital benefits of family life, even from afar.

Support an Orphan with Confidence

Trust in Human Appeal’s 32 years of expertise in nurturing orphaned children. In all 14 countries where we sponsor orphans, we have dedicated child safeguarding officers. Our staff are comprehensively trained in child protection and check in on all sponsored orphans to ensure they are well, in school, and receiving the care you intended. We transparently report back to you in biannual updates.

We also train mothers and caregivers on child protection, helping them to shield these orphans from common risks. Additionally, we support families with orphans by training widowed mothers to create livelihoods to support their children.

Currently, our sponsors support 23,000 orphans in 14 countries, including Albania, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, and Yemen.

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Who we are and what we do

Human Appeal is a non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting poverty, social injustice, and natural disasters globally. Through immediate relief and self-sustaining development programs, we invest in real, effective solutions. We work year-round to establish healthcare, education, and livelihood programs that empower communities. We also provide food, medical aid, and disaster relief during emergencies, saving lives when it matters most Our skilled local teams can access some of the world’s most hard-to-reach places, delivering aid to those in need.