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Qari Spiritual Tour

In aid of Gaza

This holy month we’re honoured to welcome world-renowned Qaris, Muhammed Jebril, Sheik Ammar Alshukry, Sheikh Waleed Basyouni, and Sheikh Abdullah Shakawy in aid of Gaza.

Call Upon Me and I Will Respond: Iftar/Taraweeh Event, Houston, TX

Date: Thursday March 28th, 6-11 pm PDT

Location: Shahnai Reception Hall, 5912 Hillcroft Street Houston, TX 77036

Strengthen your faith in Allah, enlightened by Decoding Qadr and Husn Dhann by Sheikh Waleed Basyouni and pray Taraweeh with Sheikh Abdullah Sharkawy.

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Shahnai Reception Hall, 5912 Hillcroft Street Houston, TX 77036

28 Mar

6-11pm PDT

Meet your Qaris

  • Muhammed Jebril
    Muhammed Jebril

    Muhammed Jebril

    Born in the village of Tahoria, Muhammed Jebril is one of the most famous reciters of the Holy Quran in Egypt. He learnt the Quaran at the age of nine, winning several international competitions. He studied at Al-Azhar University and the University of Jordan. Since 1988 he’s led Tarawih prayers at Amru Ibnu Aass mosque in Eqypt, is supervisor of the International Islamic Centre of Quranic Sciences in Cairo and has several much-loved TV programs on several Egyptian channels.

  • Sheikh Waleed Basyouni
    Sheikh Waleed Basyouni

    Sheikh Waleed Basyouni

    The President of Al Maghrib Institute and Head of Islamic Theology and Ethics, Sheikh Waleed Basyouni graduated with a BA in Islamic Sciences from Al-Imam Muhammed University (KSA). He has an MA in Islamic Theology, World Religions and Modern Religious Sects, and has achieved a Doctorate in Theology from the Graduate Theological Foundation in Indiana. He’s been seen on CNN and Islam Channel and is an Imam and active member of Islamic Societies, such as NAIF. He’s also a Director of the Texas Da’wah Convention and a member of the American Muslim Jurists Association (AMJA).

  • Sheikh Ammar AlShukry
    Sheikh Ammar AlShukry

    Sheikh Ammar AlShukry

    Hailing from Sudan via Queens New York, Sheikh Ammar AlShukry has a BA in Islamic Studies and Marketing. A Director at AlMaghrib and Imam at Clear Lake Islamic Centre, he is also the author of the poetry collection: ‘What the Pen Wrote: The Collected Poems of Ammar AlShukry,’ and his enlightening course, ‘A Mindful Salah,’ is available at almaghrib.online.

  • Sheikh Abdullah Sharkawy
    Sheikh Abdullah Sharkawy

    Sheikh Abdullah Sharkawy

Support Our Life-Saving Work in Gaza

Secure your spot today. Don't miss this spiritually transformative evening that empowers you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our Muslim brothers, sisters, and children in Gaza.

With no sign of a ceasefire in sight, our mercy in Gaza has never been needed more. Human Appeal has been working in Palestine for over 30 years and our local team has been supporting families on the ground since October 7th. This Ramadan, we’re delivering hot meals, food parcels, safe water, waterproof shelter, hygiene kits and other much-needed aid. Please join our Qari Spiritual Tour for this important cause.

Please note that seating is limited, so we encourage you to secure your tickets early to ensure your participation in this important event. Tickets are available for purchase here.

We hope to see you this blessed month we come together for this worthy cause.

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Gaza Emergency Appeal

In the ongoing crisis in Palestine, Human Appeal USA stands united to provide urgent aid. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all donations are tax-deductible. Since October 7, over 24,285 Palestinians, including 9,600 children, have been killed, with over 61,154 wounded and many missing. Hospitals are on the brink, and an estimated 500 people were killed in Al Ahli Hospital. The siege has left 2.3 million people without essential supplies. Gaza's power plant is shut, and hospitals face imminent fuel shortages. Entire neighborhoods have been wiped out, and families urgently need support for basic necessities. Your donation can provide hygiene kits, water tanks, nutritious food parcels, fuel, medical treatment, and support for Palestinian children.

Human Appeal, in partnership with global UN allies, has been aiding the region since 1991. Our local teams have been actively assisting Palestinians for over 30 years, and we remain committed to supporting them long after media attention wanes, contributing to the rebuilding and empowerment of Palestinian families.

Every contribution makes a meaningful impact. Donate now to alleviate the suffering in the holy land.

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